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The Road to Swizzle Stick Collection

February 20, 2019 0 Comments

The Road to Swizzle Stick Collection

You might be asking yourself what brought together the unlikely pairing of the teams from Madcap Cottage and Newport Cottages?

For the team at Newport Cottages, the idea for the collaboration came from a casual conversation in the office.  When discussing what inspires us, our team quickly realized that they shared an affinity for the fearlessly bold designs by John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon of Madcap Cottage.  Known for layering prints and patterns with an aversion to the color beige, Jason and John’s vibrant approach to design was a hit with the entire Newport Cottages team.  To top it all off, Jason and John are known within the industry for being gracious and fun-loving gentleman.  In just minutes the idea of a Madcap Cottage designed nursery adventure came to life.

Knowing the Madcap Cottage brand was experiencing a well-deserved surge in popularity, our team gambled on a long-shot and dashed off an email to Madcap Cottage.  It didn’t take long before Jason replied, causing considerable cartwheels down the office hallway.

Over glasses of Prosecco in the House of Bedlam living room, the teams put their heads together to discuss the project concept.  This is where John and Jason’s creativity really challenged the Newport Cottages team.  Quickly abandoning the initial concept of a Madcap Cottage nursery, the plan evolved to become a more comprehensive whole home collection of furnishings. 

With true Madcap Cottage flair, John and Jason developed a line of home furnishings influenced by their passion for travel, color and style.  Yes, even a crib for the nursery!  “The Swizzle Stick Collection is an invitation to bring sophisticated, witty color into your home against a backdrop of timeless Chinoiserie-inspired design,” says Jason Oliver Nixon.  “Think faux bamboo, fretwork and fantastic flourishes that surprise and delight.  These are pieces that are glorious for today and tomorrow, that are rooted in history but move the needle forward.  Layer in a rich Madcap Cottage color palette that highlights perfect pinks, garden-plucked greens, brilliant blues, and more.  The mix is absolutely electric!”

Drawing on Pocket’s furniture construction and design expertise, honed over the years at the helm of Newport Cottages, the team took the Madcap designs straight to the woodshop.  In keeping with the Newport Cottages philosophy of using only quality materials for construction, each piece has been skillfully handcrafted from solid hardwoods.  Details such as the faux bamboo trim have been carefully developed until just the right size for each piece.  Hardware has been carefully selected.  Each piece in the collection has been thoughtfully developed down to the finest detail.

So really, how did this collaboration come to be?  How did “What do we have to lose?” turn into this incredible adventure? 

By following our hearts and believing in ourselves.

We are very excited to bring this new collection to Spring Market 2019!  Watch for the new Swizzle Stick Collection by Madcap Cottage for Newport Cottages to debut April 5th, 2019!