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Made in the USA! How Newport Cottages Furniture is Made.

February 25, 2019 0 Comments

Made in the USA! How Newport Cottages Furniture is Made.

While other furniture brands have turned to manufacturing their products overseas, sacrificing quality for a cut in production costs, Newport Cottages has long believed in creating furniture using traditional woodworking techniques.   Have you ever watched “How It’s Made” on television?  While many furniture factories featured show automated machinery making furniture in mass quantities, there is none of that here.  Creating a bench made product is truly a labor of love.

Each piece starts in the woodshop.  Under the direction of Marcos, our woodworking team leader, lumber is chosen for each project.  Piece by piece, cuts are made and furniture takes shape on our workbenches.

Swizzle Stick Dresser

Once a piece has been crafted, it moves on to our finishing team.  Furniture is meticulously hand sanded, giving it a flawlessly smooth surface.  Chewy and his finish team apply our finishes and stains with careful precision.  

After the finish has cured, our hardware team will install drawer glides and hardware, testing each piece for quality along the way.  The final step is to pad and wrap the pieces for shipping.

Each piece passes through the hands of at least six skilled craftsmen before it even leaves our workshop. It takes a village to create each piece of bespoke furniture that is stamped with our brand.

What does this mean for our customers? 

It means you receive a handcrafted, heirloom quality piece of furniture customized to your specifications made by our team just for you!