Purchasing Furniture

Where can I buy Newport Cottages furniture?

Newport Cottages furniture is available nationwide through fine furniture showrooms and authorized dealers. We recommend that you visit your local dealer for the best possible customer service and to experience the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each piece of furniture. Newport Cottages is also available through our Newport Beach store in Newport Beach, CA. as well as online.

Can I purchase Newport Cottages furniture directly from the factory?

We will happily direct you to your nearest dealer or showroom. You are welcome to call our main customer service number or email us if you have any questions or wish to receive further information in regards to our furniture.

Furniture Care and Cleaning

How should I clean and care for my Newport Cottages furniture?

Every few months, or as needed, polish your furniture with a quality furniture polish.
  • Avoid place furniture near heat outlets or in direct sunlight.
  • While our finishes are durable and resistant to years of normal use, hazards such as hot dishes, water spills, and foreign chemicals cause damage.
  • When moving furniture, always lift the entire pieces from the floor. Never push, pull, or drag your furniture as this may result in damage.
  • It is strongly recommended to brace or anchor any tall or top-heavy pieces to a wall for stability.
  • Never open all drawers on a dresser simultaneously.

What should I do if I experience a problem with my Newport Cottages furniture?

Please contact the retailer where you made your purchase from.  They will know how to best serve you and remedy any situation. If for some reason you are unable to contact your retailer, we ask that you give us a call directly.  We strive to make your experience with Newport Cottages a positive one.

How can I get replacement parts for my Newport Cottages furniture?

The retailer where you purchased your items will be able to provide you with the most suitable replacement parts.  They can provide us with your original purchase date, model and finish of the parts you are in need of replacing.

I need to reassemble a piece of my Newport Cottages furniture. Where can I get assembly instructions?

You can visit our “Assembly Instructions” section and download manuals or watch videos to assist you.  If your still have questions or need assistance, please contact our customer service number and we will be glad to help.

How do I know that Newport Cottages furniture is well built and will really stand the test of time?

Our philosophy at Newport Cottages is to build furniture with “Old World” craftsmanship.  Individually benchmade construction from domestic hardwoods ensures the best quality.  Your Newport Cottages furniture will last generations as it becomes a treasured heirloom.

Where can I get finish samples?

You can visit your local dealer or purchase a selection of finish samples directly from our site through our “Order finish samples” section.

Can I get Newport Cottages furniture customized to my needs?

Yes.  Newport Cottages can customize many parts of your furniture.  Each piece is individually finished to your specific needs.  Custom made pieces can be considered and we recommend you have your local retailer or interior designer assist you with this process.

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