Summer Camp

After seeing Moonrise Kingdom this past weekend, I was inspired to create a summer camp-themed nursery.  Enjoy!  1.  Seek Adventure Wall Art by Oopsy Daisy  2.  Rowboat Bookcase by Newport Cottages  3.  Panel Crib in Red by Newport Cottages  4.  Toys and Tales crib bedding by Doodlefish Kids  5.  Spice Ticking Woven Cotton Rug by Dash and Albert  6.  Library Nightstand in Mocha and Mudpie by Newport Cottages  7.  Primitive Adirondack Chair via Etsy.com  8.  Titan Glass Lamp by Stray Dog Designs  9.  Nautical Canvas Wall Art by Oopsy Daisy  10.  Mid-Century Canvas Wall Art by Oopsy Daisy  11. Vintage Champiere Paris French Field Glasses via Etsy.com  Available at Newport Cottages Fashion Island unless otherwise specified.

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