On the Road: Posh Baby

ontheroad_blogOur “On the Road” road trip has taken us to the Pacific Northwest. Oregon is the home of the charming baby boutique, Posh Baby. With two locations, one in Portland and one in Beaverton, Posh Baby is a must visit while in Oregon.

Posh Baby Beaverton

Posh Baby Beaverton

What inspired you to open your own children’s store?

At the time I was designing diaper bags, burps, bibs, sleep sacks and bum rugs through a large retailer successfully. Celebrity moms were buying for themselves and friends. It was time to go on my own and see how my local moms would take to my modern yet unique taste.

Why children’s furnishings?
I was a new mom and wanted to find unique and creative things for kids. Functionality needed to play a larger part because we are located in the Pearl District where space is limited.

Posh Baby Portland

Posh Baby Portland

What is your design philosophy? What inspires you?

My philosophy is that design should be based on purpose and functions, and that the sign should solve functional problem as simply and elegantly as possible. For me I’ve always loved design and interiors and I think that is what I would be doing if I currently did not have Posh Baby. One of my favorite things to do is explore houzz.com for inspiration!
I love changing my paint color at home. Every few years I change our wall colors and curtains. Completely making over the space for less than $150

What makes your store and you unique?

We offer the must-have baby items, pre-sorted to include only the most healthy, innovative and stylish products.

What is your favorite Newport Cottages piece or collection and why?

Max. To have an exclusive collection under the Posh Baby name is very special to me.

Max Collection

Max Collection


 What is your favorite color palette?

My stores are designed around the deep colors of orange and blue. Using natural wood from Oregon to design my fixtures.

About Your City

 What is your favorite thing about your city?

The diversity. People are so comfortable in their own skin.

What are some family friendly places that you love to frequent?

My downtown location sits across the street from Jamison Park. On a beautiful summer day you can find kids laughing and playing in the water while families are enjoying a picnic in the shade.

Jamison Park, Portland

Jamison Park, Portland

What is your favorite restaurant and or must see place? 

I have many because the food is so good in the Pearl but I would have to say in Portland … Andina, and Tasty N Alder!

Adina Restaurant

Adina Restaurant




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