On the Road with Newport Cottages: Baby by Design

ontheroad_blogOur next stop on our journey is Baby by Design located in Fort Worth Texas . This city is known for it’s BBQ, cowboys, music and and museums. Hillary Colia is the owner of Baby by Design. We recently interviewed her so we could learn more about the store and the city they call home.

Baby by Design located in Fort Worth TX

Baby by Design located in Fort Worth TX

What inspired you to open your own children’s store?

I’ve always loved design. I was at the point in my life that my friends were having babies and working on their nurseries. I realized there was nowhere in Fort Worth that you could go to shop for nursery furniture and a light bulb went off. I had a business degree, a background in furniture manufacturing, and there was a niche in the marketplace. It really was kismet!

What is your design philosophy? What inspires you?

When working on a nursery I think that almost everything should be transitional. Obviously not every element is going to grow with your child, but the major pieces the ones you make an investment on should be able to stay with them for years.

My customers inspire me. Every woman who walks through my door is having the same experience, but in such a different way. It is so much fun to work with them and it makes we want to be better at my job every day!

What makes your store and you unique?

The BBD team! All the girls that work here are so unique, talented, kind, and incredibly fun. Whether customers are looking for a small gift or to design their entire nursery we all strive to give them the best experience possible. I really believe that sets us apart.

Hillary Colia, Owner Baby by Design

Hillary Colia, Owner Baby by Design

What is your favorite aspect about owning your own business?

The satisfaction I get from watching all the hard work I put in every day materialize into something I can be really proud of. It is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. I wouldn’t trade it for a second!

What is your favorite Newport Cottages piece or collection and why?

Beverly. She can be anything you want her to be. She is glamorous, unexpected, and timeless. All the things I look for in a great piece of furniture.


Beverly Changer

City Life in Fort Worth

What is your favorite thing about your city?

I love that Ft. Worth is a big city with a small town feel. Fort Worth has so much to offer and is very supportive of its own.

What are some family friendly places that you love to frequent?

I don’t have a family yet, but I know that Ft. Worth in general is very family friendly! I love the Woodshed Smokehouse. It is a Tim Love restaurant, a chef that is synonymous with Fort Worth. It is located on the Trinity River and features indoor/outdoor seating where kids and dogs are both welcome. They regularly have live music and lighting strung from trees, which are two of my personal favorites!

Woodshed Smokehouse

Woodshed Smokehouse

What is your favorite restaurant and or must see place?

My favorite restaurant and must see place are one in the same. Café Modern is located inside the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, or as the locals call it “The Modern”. They feature a seasonal menu with fresh locally grown ingredients and the dining room looks out over a reflecting pool. After lunch you can wander upstairs and view the exhibits. I saw Warhol there and it was amazing!

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth


Cafe Modern located inside of Modern Art Museum

If your ever in the Forth Worth area of Texas be sure to stop by Baby by Design’s retail store. Hilary also has an awesome blog titled  Yellow Crown, where she shares design tips and inspiration.

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