Nursery Essentials


My sister-in-law is pregnant with her first baby.  As the family baby furniture expert, I invariably get asked What do I need?” We are eagerly awaiting the gender so we can start planning her nursery.  And to answer her question?  It is my feeling that every nursery should have a crib, a changer/dresser, a bookcase, a glider/rocker/chair and a side table.  From there, layer on bedding, artwork, lighting and rugs.  Add the miscellaneous gear and décor pieces to your registry.  (Your family and friends are dying to by you presents for the new baby. Register at a great local boutique and a big box store to give everyone a good selection from which to choose.  And, your parents want to help you out with the big stuff.  Let them…and say thank you.  This is what grandparents are for.)

When shopping for nursery furniture, especially when shopping for the first baby, ask yourself a few things:

  • Do I want to purchase furniture just for the nursery or do I want pieces that will go into the big kid room?
  • If/when I have a second baby, will the new baby get the nursery furniture or will I buy a new set for the second baby?
  • What’s my style?  Modern, traditional?
  • Do I want painted furniture or stained furniture?  Dark or light?  White?  Bright colors?
  • What can I fit into my nursery?  What are my storage needs?

Our cribs, for example, convert easily into toddler beds with the addition of our toddler guard rail kit.  (Look for more options in this category from us soon!)  This buys you up to 5 years or so with your crib.  Our dressers, like our best-selling Taylor Changer Dresser, are made to last a lifetime and can easily transition into the big kid room.  Any dresser of a comfortable height, usually 32” to 36” for most people, can be used as a changer with the addition of a changing pad.  Most changing pads include hardware that allows them to attach to almost any dresser top.

If you plan to pass the nursery furniture to the next baby, consider neutral colors and styles that could work for boy or girl.  Don’t be afraid of white for boys—it’s crisp and modern.  I love our Ricki Crib for either gender.  Simply change the fabric on the panels for a whole new look.

When choosing a style for your nursery, you’ll find the options endless.  Modern is certainly hot right now.  If you prefer a cleaner look, the Cody Crib, shown above, is perfect for a modern nursery.  I love the Celine Crib for a more traditional look.

Color can also transform a room.  Bright colors like our new Orange Juice and Bahama Blue can give a modern edge to a more traditional crib, like our Cape Cod Crib.  White furniture is always crisp and clean.  Vanilla Bean or Cream is a perfect choice for a more vintage-style nursery.   Keep in mind that dark colors take up more space visually whereas light colors can open up a small space.

Measure your room before you go shopping.  Many boutiques, like our Fashion Island store in Newport Beach, offer complimentary in-store design service.  Their design staff can help you draw out your room and determine the best placement of furniture.  Don’t forget to make room for storage pieces like our Poet’s Bookstand or our Toy Chest.  Tiny humans come with a lot of stuff!

I hope these tips will help you plan out the perfect nursery for your new arrival.  Let us know if we can help!



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