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Welcome to In the Spotlight, featuring sisters Pretty Please of Miramar Beach, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia, run by Keely Fell and her sister Shayla Wingfield.  Keely shares her story below:

What inspired you to open your own children’s store? My background is in adult design which I worked daily in for about eight years.  Then after my first child, I took a break from that industry and became a stay at home mom for three years.  When I was pregnant with my second child, I truly missed the design industry and found a niche in children’s design.  I wanted to bring my experience with working with adult furniture to the children’s world.

Why children’s furnishings? I love working with color, and color and kids rooms go hand in hand.  A child’s room needs to be magical and enchanting.  They have their whole adult lives to be serious if needed.

What is your design philosophy?  What inspires you? My design philosophy is to create a child’s space that is a complete environment.  I feel the space needs to be enchanting and have an element of imagination.  Mix furniture pieces, play with color and put a twist on the traditional in order to create a room that sings with personality! I am inspired by individual accessories.  I will start an entire room from one unique chandelier, a fabulous decorative pillow, a piece of artwork for the wall, or just a one-of-a-kind trinket.  I am obsessed with the small details that give lots of impact, give a room life and excitement, and open up a child’s imagination.

What sets your store apart from other similar retailers? When you enter Pretty Please, you enter a store that is merchandised to the hilt! The design of the store is very unique.  When you walk in the front door, you walk into a fairyland.  Our sales counter is a custom designed castle, we have a play area  for the children so parents can shop, and every wall and corner is filled with color and art that inspires and excites.  We provide vignettes that show possibilities for each child’s room that includes every detail from furniture, lighting, artwork, and accessories.  Everything is chosen with deliberate care that caters to a child’s wish and imagination. Also, customers find us unique because of the experience we provide beginning when they walk in the door.  We actively pursue  relationships with our customers. We get to know their personal tastes and then cater to that.  We try to become the “personal shopper” for everyone that walks in the door.  Everyone is spoken to when they walk in the door, we then share the layout of the store so that nothing can be overlooked, and if the customer needs further assistance we lead them to their desired sizes or accessories.

What is your favorite aspect about owning your own business? Owning a business is not a walk in the park.  You definitely have some very trying times.  However doing what you love and what you are passionate about is such a blessing.  I love raising my 3 kids and life is very hectic and fast paced, but when I get to go on my buying trips with my sister, it is such a great getaway that gets me inspired and gives me a break from the day to day craziness with work and home life.

What is your favorite Newport Cottages piece or collection? That is a hard one.  I really like the Tiffany style crib where you can accent the piece with fabric.  I also love the panel crib and bed.  I love mixing two color finishes.  It gives the piece a very custom look.

What is your favorite color palette? Oh goodness, another hard question because I love color!  I must say, I love aqua for a wall color.  I think it is such a fresh and clean color to work with.  It goes great with Newport’s pink finish for a girl and I really like it with a grey finish for a boy.

What magazines or blogs do you read on a daily basis? I am obsessed with Pinterest.  Then again….what mom is not?  I love houzz.com .  I could look at that site for hours.  So many great pictures!

Who is your dream client and why? I would love to do one of Gwen Stefani’s kid’s rooms.  I design a lot of very classic and contemporary rooms, however, my personal style is more eclectic and fun.  I would just go crazy with making the coolest room for her boys.  And if she had a girl ever……I would be in heaven doing that project!

And just a few for fun:

Dream vacation: My sister went on a fabulous honeymoon in South Africa and did one of those luxurious safaris.  I would love to take my husband and kids on one of those.  My kids would flip out!

Favorite Design tool: I do not know if I have a favorite tool.  I must have my camera when I start a project for every angle of the room.  I refer back to my pictures of the space constantly.  I guess my tape measure is pretty important as well.

Can’t live without: A paint fan

What are you reading now? I just had another baby, so not much time for any novels right now.  I definitely decompress with Pinterest and I love to watch HGTV.

Visit Pretty Please in Miramar Beach, FL at 500 Grand Blvd. Suite 106, phone 850.650.5988 or Pretty Please in Atlanta at 3716 Roswell Road, phone 404.254.3187 for help creating the nursery or child’s room of your dreams.  Visit them online at www.prettypleaseonline.com.

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