In the Spotlight-Julia Caro Interior Design

Welcome again to the newest series on our blog, In the Spotlight.  Today we are featuring interior designer Julia Caro in Newport Beach, California.  Julia just designed a fabulous baby room for the ASID Dream Home in Orange County, California.

What inspired you to become an interior designer? I think it started with my father.  He is a residential architect who worked at home.  I was always curious about the inside of houses as a child and my parents let me decorate my bedroom at age 7.  In 1986, I made a cold call out of the phone book for a job with an interior designer.  I was so lucky!  She hired me with no experience, but a desire to learn.  Years later, I enrolled in design school to take it to the next level.

What is your design philosophy? I believe that a home should be designed to suit your lifestyle.  And it is my job to articulate a client’s vision into a reality and guide them through the myriad of choices to get there.

What inspires you? My clients inspire me!  I love that I get to express all kinds of design styles through each and every client.  I also love art, fabrics, color, travel, nature, and fashion as inspiration!

When designing spaces for children and families, where do you start? I start by interviewing the client about how they live and what their vision of the room is.  There needs to be a feeling connected with the room.

What is your favorite color palette? Oh I love all colors!  I guess on a personal level, I have been in a green phase.  And I like happy colors.

What is your favorite Newport Cottages piece or collection and why? There are so many!  Well, I just used the Cody Crib at the ASID Dream Home.  I love the clean lines of the piece.  But, I also love the Provence Collection.  So delicate, feminine and traditional.

What magazines or blogs do you read on a regular basis? I have a lot of magazines!  House Beautiful and Elle Decor are my favorites, followed by Architectural Digest, Veranda, and Traditional Home.  Also, the fashion and lifestyle magazines: Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, Vogue, Town & Country, C, and Travel+ Leisure.  For blogs, I read Remodelista, Nursery Notations and Belle Maison.

Who is your dream client and why? My dream client would be someone with great taste, willing to take risks and a budget to support it.

And a few just for fun:

Dream vacation? Vastly different but, more extensive travels to Europe and then to Bali and Thailand.

Favorite design tool? My imagination!!  Equally important are my vendors, trades and resources.

Can’t live without? My iPhone.  Sadly true.  But it really is my connection to the world.

What are you reading now? Old World Encounters for my European history class at Arizona State University online program.

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