In the Spotlight–Jack and Jill Interiors

Welcome to our continuing series In the Spotlight, featuring talented artist and designer Sherri Blum of Jack and Jill Interiors.  

What inspired you to become an interior designer? I was always the artsy type and was fascinated with color, art, sculpture and architecture since I can remember. I dabbled in every artistic media imaginable before I was 12!  I also come from a long line of artists, builders, architects, kitchen designers, landscape designers…you name it. So I’d say it was in my blood…inevitable that I’d choose to work in an artistic field.

It became evident to me that interior design was a perfect field for me when I realized that not everyone has the ability to create a “snapshot” of a finished room or image within their mind. I could see a finished room in my mind in clear, crisp detail and often told my clients that I only wish I could print out the image in my mind so they could take a peek at what their room was going to look like when finished!

What is your design philosophy? With each design, my goal is to create a beautiful baby’s nursery or child’s room that reflects the needs and personal style of the clients, while always remaining sensitive to the clients’ budget. When designing a nursery, I want this special time in the client’s life to be full of magic and sweet anticipation…not stress. I want my client to fully enjoy every moment of preparation for their baby’s arrival, so I make it my goal to remove the stress from the design process by taking care of all the little details for them. From concept to completion of each design project, I focus on meeting the practical needs of my clients, while maintaining stylish, cohesive design with a personalized touch.

When designing spaces for children and families, where do you start? When I first walk into a client’s home, I quickly do a visual survey of the space to cue into the client’s design style and architecture of the home. I believe it’s important for the nursery to reflect the same style as the rest of the home, but with touches of whimsy of course. I then thoroughly interview the client. I first ask what purposes this room will serve now and possibly in the future. We need to know if the nursery will double as a guest room on occasion, for example or if siblings will be sharing the space. Once we know the purposes of the space, what needs it will serve as well as who will be using it, we begin with selecting furnishings to accommodate those needs while reflecting the tastes of the client and mixing in good design sensibility.

What is your favorite color palette? I love so many color combinations that it’s difficult to choose just one! I’m currently enjoying robin’s egg blue with deep raspberry for girly rooms and I have always loved a classic navy blue and beige with pumpkin orange or red accents for a boy’s room.  I’m also feeling drawn to dusty purple with silver and ivory added for warmth. Heck…I love the whole spectrum!

What is your favorite Newport Cottages piece or collection and why? I’m a very traditional girl so Provence is my top pick. I love the sultry curves, the ornate hand carved accents and in general the timeless appeal. I’m hoping to get the Juliette Daybed for my dream studio one day! I might not get as much work done, but I’d be relaxing in style!

What magazines or blogs do you read on a regular basis? I look forward to reading the blog, Habitually Chic every day as much as I look forward to my morning coffee! The author keeps me abreast of all the best in fashion and design.  As for magazines, I love Veranda and Elle Décor. I don’t get caught up in the fleeting trends of design, but rather enjoy timeless, traditional style. Good traditional design will be chic for decades. This blog and these magazines share my love of classic, timeless style.

Who is your dream client and why? Jennifer Aniston…everyone is waiting for her to have a baby, right?! She always handles herself with grace and style and is loved by various generations.

Dream vacation: Paris with my hunky hubby, Eric.

Favorite design tool: I could play with fabric swatches all day and love combining colors, textures and patterns in new ways. I have an extensive collection of swatch rings…they are going to need their own room soon.

Can’t live without: my kids and hubby first and foremost. Next to them, my iPhone keeps me sane. With four teenagers in the house, I’d die if I lost that calendar in my phone!

What are you reading now? I’m going to be honest…NOTHING!  I’m so busy running my design firm, baby boutique and this crazy busy household- that I barely have time to read my email. I’m sure that will change one day, but for now, too-busy-to-read means business is good and that’s a trade off I can accept.

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