Give your Mother an Office fit for a Queen!

Marie_Antoinette_1767Two summer’s ago I visited Versailles in Paris, France. I was taken aback by the sheer majesty of this breathtaking palace. I was especially enamored by the stunning bedroom of Marie Antoinette. Everyone remembers her for her beheading, but I saw her as someone who was stylish and a trendsetter and really has a fabulous eye for gorgeous design.


Marie Antionette’s Bedroom at Versailles


My friend and I in front of the Palace in Versailles

Marie Antoinette is my inspiration for this French inspired “Mom’s” Office Space. I used a soft blue palette with Gold and Vanilla accents. The Beverly desk and chair are timeless. They could fit in a grand palace room or a modern office. I added an elegant chandelier and a French Market styled rug that really pulls the space together.

Newport Cottages furniture is very versatile. It can be used for baby, tweens and even adults. This office shows the sophistication of the Beverly line. Your mother is sure to lose her head over this beautiful office.



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