Did You Know?

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to a crib for your new bundle of joy.  There are many great reasons to choose a Newport Cottages crib for your baby.  Our cribs have been tested by independent laboratories for compliance with all current standards and have passed rigorous testing.  Our furniture is bench-made from select hardwoods here in the U.S.  Our 29 fabulous finishes are low-VOC and non-toxic to promote a healthy nursery environment. We also pay attention to the details.  Did you know most of our standard cribs have two different fixed-gate settings?  It’s a small detail but part of what makes our line unique. When your baby is newborn, you’ll set the mattress level at the highest setting and the side gate at the lowest setting–your little peanut isn’t going anywhere just yet.  As your child grows and begins to move around, lower the mattress level.  When your child is sitting up and pulling up, set the side gate at the high setting by simply removing the 4 Allen bolts with the Allen wrench that came with your crib and adjust to the higher setting.  Tighten the bolts in the new higher setting. When it appears your tiny human is ready to jump ship, your fixed gate can be removed altogether to turn your crib into a little daybed while you shop for big kid bed.  A toddler guardrail can be ordered to prevent accidental rolling out of bed.