Color Story

It is sometimes difficult to know where to start when decorating your nursery or child’s room.  You may have an idea of what basic furniture pieces you need–a crib or bed, a dresser, bookcase but after that, you’re stumped.  Where to begin?  Start with color.


If you are decorating a first nursery, consider neutral colors that could easily transition into the next baby’s nursery, girl or boy.  White and Vanilla Bean would probably be the first colors to come to mind, but our Chocolate or Coffee stain works in any room, as well as French Grey, Taupe and Black.  If you love color, don’t be afraid to go bold with Marigold, Orange Juice or Bahama Blue which can work for boy or girl.  For great neutral nursery ideas, visit our Pinterest board Neutral Nesting.



For big kid rooms, get your big kid involved.  What’s his or her favorite color?  Get them involved and excited about the process, especially if your little one is moving into a big kid bed for the first time.  If the favorite color makes you a little nervous, don’t feel like you have to put it everywhere.  Visit your local children’s boutique, they can help turn a purple room into a purple room you can live with, like this beautiful room designed by Sweet Lullaby in Wyckoff, New Jersey:


Once you begin with a color scheme and stick to it, you’ll find that the room easily comes together.  Start with furniture and then add the fun stuff–bedding, art, lighting and rugs.  These decor pieces can bring color into the room and can easily be changed out later, as tastes change and as a child grows.

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