Celebrate Earth Day with a Green Nursery

earth-day-2Today I was inspired by Earth Day. We here at Newport Cottages believe that respecting the earth and her resources is something we can incorporate in every day life. We also believe that having a healthy nursery environment is crucial to the health of our children. That’s why all of our furniture is painted with non-toxic paint and has been rigorously tested for over 100 harmful substances such as Mercury and Lead. All of our materials used are certified by the California Air Resource Board. We also use only hardwood in construction instead of MDF, which can contain Formaldehyde.


It’s also important to purchase organic products whenever possible. Most non-organic products have been treated with pesticides and other harmful chemicals. You always want to make sure that your child is only surrounded with healthy, sustainable products.

Here is a nursery I created only using organic, healthy products for your little one. I used a clean color palette. The Planet Flowers Rug celebrates the earth with lots of color that gives the space that extra pop of color.



1) Sugar Boo Designs “Little Seed and Flower”

2) Apple Park Owl Picnic Pal

3) Casey Crib by Newport Cottages

4) Devon Changer and Tray by Newport Cottages

5) Carousel Designs Organic Geometric Fabric

6) Planet Flowers Rug

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