Address that Mess!

One of the unexpected perils of going from a couple to a family is all the stuff that comes with have tiny humans.  How can such a tiny person have so much stuff?  If you don’t find a way to control the clutter, it can get out of control in no time.  Make sure you have plenty of storage solutions to stay organized.

Bookcases: It probably goes without saying that a bookcase is essential in a child’s room.  We have bookcases in all shapes, sizes and styles to help you organize all the books, stuffed animals and other tiny treasures.  Quality bookshelves last a lifetime and can be moved to any room in the house.  If you are like me and never say no to a new book your child wants, you just can’t have enough bookshelf space.

Toy Boxes: I do like small bins for small toys, easily stored on a bookshelf, but I also like a good toy box.  A toy box is great storage for larger toys like cars and trucks or baby dolls.  When your child outgrows the toy stage, it becomes good blanket storage or an extra seat.

Dressers: Many newer houses have great closet space, even in the smaller bedrooms, which may supersede your need for a dresser.  If your closet space is limited, a dresser is an essential.  Double dressers–long, horizontal dressers, are a great choice for any room.  They can go from being used as a baby changer to storage for a teenage girl’s ever-revolving wardrobe.  Tall chests work well in smaller bedrooms and still give a bit of surface space for a lamp, photo frames or trophies.  Like a good bookcase, a high-quality dresser made of solid hardwoods like ours last forever.

Armoires: In the absence of closet space, add an armoire.  Armoires with drawers and hanging space like our Taylor 5 Drawer Armoire or our Celine Armoire can function as a closet and a dresser in a smaller bedroom.

Celine Armoire

Taylor 5 Drawer Armoire

Tips for Controlling the Clutter

Kids outgrow clothes before they wear them out in many cases.  Go through your child’s clothing seasonally.  Donate or save clothing in good condition.  For toys, divide them into storage drawers in bins by type:  crayons and markers together, Legos in their own bin, toy cars or dolls in their own bin.  Organizing also helps with clean up.  When your child gets new toys for birthdays or holidays, consider donating old toys.  When your child is older, get them involved.  For each new toy received, donate an old toy.

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