A Bed You Can Use As a Crib For Awhile

If space allows, a full size bed is a great transition for a toddler moving to a bigger bed from the crib.  A full size bed gives a squirmy sleeper plenty of room to move around without falling from the bed.  There’s room for mom or dad to snuggle at bed time and plenty of room for stuffed animal friends.  So it goes without saying that purchasing a crib that converts to a full size bed can be a great purchase.  The down side is that so many conversion cribs look like a crib converted to a bed–you can see the holes in the headboard from where the rails were attached.  The foot board is too tall at times, making for an awkward transition.

Enter our Cape Cod and Panel Conversion Cribs!

We like to think of our Conversion Cribs as “full size beds you can use as a crib for awhile.”  With the addition of our Toddler Conversion Kit, the crib transitions easily into a toddler bed.  When it’s time to take the next step, we offer two full conversion options–the full bed conversion kit with wood side rails and low profile foot board or a standard metal bed frame.  You will actually reverse the headboard when it is time to convert to the full size bed so no holes will show from when the bed was set up as a crib or toddler bed.  How cool is that?  We hear your cheers of joy, all you detail-oriented new parents!  Need a little extra sleeping space?  Our full bed conversion kit also accommodates our trundle.